You might know her as Drag Queen persona Jizz Taco*—or—“J.T.” for short. Meet handsome Zac, my now ex-boyfriend. He talks with a full or modified lisp coupled with dramatic inflection. And, as used in full-drag queen style, it accompanies a running monologue of commentary, jokes and puns (most of it sexual but with a great deal of social and political content). Zac discovered his talent for “Gay talk” within club culture and has roots in the queer underground scene of electronic music, while he was selling mixup CD’s out of the back of his car to get by. In support of his career as a professional woman impersonator, Zac is also a VJ** and creates stunning visual effects. I like to think it’s the ‘double entendre’ that got him into VJing: J.T. the VJ*** sounds so awful it’s almost good. His work fits the descriptor of ‘a little local colour in a grey landscape,’ which contrasts his upbringing in an alkaline and grey, tight-lipped and guilt-ridden Protestant little town to his hot-for-life sensibilities. These moving images might look uniform and noisy at first, but allow them to pass through their influence for periods of time—weeks or months or years—as they’re trying out the roles and stances, values and valances, the aura of danger or magic and the topsy-turvy through patterns, learning enough for their own purposes before moving on to establish their own identities. They are often misunderstood gateways into new realities, since Zac communicates in coded languages. Queer people of all social strata develop intricate codes and language inflections that operate within ordinary sounding language patterns to convey information that only members of the culture can understand. By exploiting the ambiguity of the letters, the abbreviation and the slang that arose with the languages of these underground sub-cultures, Zac expresses his vexedness at the cis’ by celebrating alternative descriptors. Much of this came to him as exports through communication centred around applications (and substances) leading to sexual activity, where his DTF**** reputation took on a life of its own and gained him a VIP-status as a notorious size queen.

*A GRL’s genital area.
**A “VJ” is an artist who creates moving images.
***VJ is also a euphemism for Va-Jay(-jay).
****DTF is an abbreviation for you know what.

From within these digital realms of constructed realities Zac urges his audience to reflect the implications of looking through them as mirrors, where personae of your own creation become an empowering way to transcend imposed limitations. I would like to invite you to a show where Zac’s story is told. If you would like to take part in the show please reserve your timeslot through this link.



Background image:
Jizz Taco (a.k.a. Zac), October 2020, in full Digital Drag

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