the shape of breathing — a circular song —
subliminal soundtrack of life —
interweaving voices — surfacing connections —
tempered grounds asking for support —

carpet as a sheet of paper — holding the line —
bodies present — extreme presence —

When it gets really difficult
you want to disentangle rather
than to cut the knot.


in search of forms — for a social fabric
looming three dimensional commas —
language for a room to share silence —
making breaths audible — zoomed in a net of threads —

serpentines winding around our bodies —
black and white veins — calligraphy —
font without end nodes — shut down — senses —

now —

mending tears in domestic spheres

inferential walks through textures
breathing apart — sewing together

phantom threads


space void pause

breathe in mark
— remark — gap
sew up
breathe out



avoiding the object — the subject — the building —
carpet as metaphor — sculpturing
— an agency of respiratory distress —
remediating — garments — leave — linear —
body — sleeves filled with fake cotton —

monitoring breathing — before — after — before —
after — soft openings — against closure —
fingers crossed — when sewing,
a thimble protects the finger from pinpricks —

in and out — in — end — out — spontaneously —
start again — start — again — start again —
I see myself feel — language itself is never in
a state of rest — I observe — patiently — take it slow —
naturally — stop — keep going — my hands —
always endless — stitching around the limits
of words —

paradise — a flowering focus on a distinct infinity —
not in straight lines but in curves and swirls

thought particles,
flow — and change —

close the open — open the close — open — close —
open — period — dot — dot — dot — close it —
endless — without ending — there’s no closure,
it doesn’t stop

fixing holes in habits — as passageway —
displacement producing a gap — unfollowing certainty —
pending state — remediating defective matter —
concealing wear and tear — movement unfixed —
harness closure for amended joints —

patching the sore point –

Some of our references: “On Punctuation” by Gertrude Stein,
“The Rejection of Closure” by Lyn Hejinian, “Word & Thread”
by Cecilia Vicuña, “Three Guineas” by Virginia Woolf, “Ellipsis in English Literature, Signs of Omission” by
Anne Toner, “Castration or Decapitation?” by Hélène Cixous,
“Garments against Women” by Anne Boyer, “Together: The
Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation” by Richard
Sennet, “Circular Song” by Joan La Barbara.

Background Audio: “Cathing” by Joan La Barbara