Dearest friends and colleagues,

We, the participants of the Werkplaats Typografie, Years 18 & 19, are thrilled to announce and extend an invitation to both the debut exhibition and closing reception showcasing the resulting works from our 3 week intensive research project at the Sitterwerk Library and surrounding premise, located in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

All 17 of us included in the project have been hard at work, taking the time to explore the library, delving into the amazing selection of books, fondling the various objects from the extensive material archive under our dynamic investigative undertakings that we’re most excited to share with you this coming Saturday—in an immersive and diverse showcase of our peculiar findings, complete with a full programme of curiosity-sprouting events from 4pm onwards.

In parallel and in tandem to our exhibition and closing reception, we’re immensely happy to announce that the well-esteemed and provocative editor, curator and collector Moritz Küng will treat us to a stimulating lecture on blank and illegible books.

Should you greet us with your attendance and attention, we’d have the most pleasure in having you on this joyous evening. Please, do join us on Saturday, May the 5th at 4pm. There will be tea.

Yours truly,

Years 18 & 19