We want everyone to make the space an inclusive environment for everyone here. By virtue of entering the space everyone is subject to this accountability policy, this means…

1. Act in a way that respects those around you.

2. Be aware of your own limits.

3. If you need time out from the space, take some time out.

4. If you think someone’s behaviour towards you or someone you are with is inappropriate, upsetting or hurtful please approach one of the organisers, volunteers, bar staff, or someone in the chill out space.

5. Examples of inappropriate behaviour include; groping, stalking, threats, overt aggression, leering, homophobia, racism, overt persistence (e.g. not taking ‘NO’ for an answer) harassment, predatory behaviour and more.

6. If your behaviour is inappropriate, upsetting or hurtful, you will be approached by the volunteer accountability team.

7. The accountability team are here to aid conflict resolution. They may warn you of your behaviour, ask you to take some time out from the space, or, in extreme circumstances ask you to leave. Anyone who is behaving abusively towards another person may be asked to leave the party.

8. Take care of each other and have great time.

‘TOP BUZZ’ in THE BOX, WT. 31/3/17