Usually used in combination, Ambient X: music for schools

reflects on ambient music as a tool for shaping environments and moods, in order to achieve a collective experience based on participation and sharing personal perspectives. The school can be seen as a place or a non-place in which people can intensively interact, communicate, and share experiences. Starting from the recordings of the sounds of the building (people talking in the kitchen, the noise of the dishwasher, the doorbell, fingers on keyboards), a track will be collectively produced in order to affect the schoolscape.

Werkplaats Typografie
is a space where we (musicians) act, study, work etc and is part of ArtEZ University of the Arts. It is a place for an ambient soundtrack. Not in the background nor in the foreground, people approach it and relate to it in multiple ways.

are asked to make an ambient track that can mould, stimulate, express, shape, collect, depict the school and the relationships between virtual and real people, places and objects, in a physical and digital space through their own personal experience. Musicians have to propose a collection of recordings, spoken word, audio samples, noises, moments of silence in form of audio files (320kbps). There are no restrictions about the length, it can be one second or 3 hours. Participants can work on their own or in collaboration.

Usually used in combination,
Ambient X: Music for Schools

All recordings and compositions made by
Joel Colover, Dorothee Dalher, Malin Gewinner, Jin Kwang Kim, Adriaan van Leuven, Robert Milne, Maria Mitcheva, Luca Napoli & Barba Parisi, Audrey Quaranta, Yeliz Secerli, Charlotte Taillet and Melina Wilson

Arranged by
Nuca Napoli and Barba Parisi

Artwork(?) by

Published by
WT records

Recorded between November 16 and November 18 2016 at Werkplaats Typografie

Produced by
Werkplaats Typografie and superinternet☺

Thanks to
Brian Eno, Lorenzo Senni, Robert Milne, Eloise Harris, Anniek Brattinga, Liesbeth Doornbosh, Armand Mevis, Constant Dullaart, Ilke Gers, WT clique and all the participants.

2016, WT records.
Please feel free to spread our music.

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