WT Vitrine Archive
WT Library
Database catalogued by Years 14 and 15 of the Werkplaats Typografie. Programmed by Fred Cave and Lotte Schröder with the support of Cory Arcangel.
Phantom Radio
The Werkplaats Typografie Radio station, broadcasting live at irregular intervals. The project was originally initiated in collaboration with Paul Elliman (UK) at the Werkplaats Typografie, a former radio distribution center. For those working late into the night at our computers, the space still crackled with the ghostly static of residual electronic energy...
Mary Shelley Facsimile Library
Werkplaats Typografie's Mary Shelley Facsimile Library is a collection of facsimile-format thesis bibliographies intended as an accumulating reference library for future participants.
The Box
The BOX is a three-dimensional presentation space in the basement of the WT building. It is used as a testing ground and houses temporary exhibitions.
18* is the internal magazine of Werkplaats Typografie, first published in 2006. Each issue revolves around a single theme selected by an ever-changing editorial team. The title of the magazine depends on the number of contributions to the issue. The magazine's edition never exceeds 30.
WT Food Poetics Club
The Werkplaats Typografie’s part-poerty, part-supper club. Initiated by Gerardo Madera in 2020.
An Phantom Voices
W.T. Wurm’s Almanac
WT / ISIA Urbino Summer School 2019
18*, #18 in 22 hours
The eighteenth issue of WT's magazine 18*. All present participants are invited to make a contribution relevant to the current state of their research. The issue about the sound of passing time will come along through a weekly one-hour broadcast using the radio stream.
Take an Object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. (Repeat).
A series of nine public lectures and private masterclasses with invited guests, curated by Moritz Küng, and taking place in Barcelona, Leipzig and Brussels.
BLUE CRUSH: Anime Summer Nights
IUWT Summer School X
Since 2009 the Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA Urbino, Italy, join together to offer an international Summer School in the beautiful Renaissance town of Urbino. Each year a different theme is explored by participants who gather together for two weeks under the guidance of Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA tutors.
Boiling Room for Hot Reading
Werkplaats Typografie took shelter in the basement again, seeking comfort amongst glowing gilded conduits and generously thick brick walls. How are you dealing with the temperatures in PS1? Do you need a break? A hot chocolate? A blanket perhaps? Did you know that warm air rises to the ceiling? We read somewhere that if one is feeling cold, one should put their ceiling fan on its lowest setting, in clockwise direction, to push the hot air back to the floor where one can feel it. Boiler rooms are not usually known to be the most suitable spaces for simmering down, nevertheless we loved to warmly welcome you to come down to our Boiling Room for Hot Reading, where we provided you with some freshly forged (pre)texts and plenty other excellent reasons to chill. A tribute to Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair 2018.
Fruits of Fraud
WT at the NY Art Book Fair 2017. Follow the Cherries.
Present Perfect
Present Perfect was a high-speed publishing experience by the Werkplaats Typografie that took place at the LA Art Book Fair 2017. Presenting itself as a frenetic publishing house that aims to sell always the newest publication, Present Perfect celebrated every hour a new launch.
WT at HMCT, Los Angeles
The Werkplaats Typografie residency at Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography, Pasadena.
Documentation of the End of the Year Show at the WT Pavilion
The architectural framework for this graduation show was The Pavilion, an experimental and usually temporary space referencing in this case the renowned Sonsbeek art festival pavilions in 1955, by Gerrit Rietveld and 1966, by Aldo van Eyck in the Sonsbeek Park, adjacent to the school. This WT 2017 pavilion cut through all the studio rooms of the school, it was designed and built as a specific space for the individual projects of all participants. The pavilion allowed for unexpected relations to the works inside and around them, while being a work in itself as well. For the course of 2 full days the WT pavilion housed an exhibition, a public program of events, a book shop and a bar.
A documentary film program taking place every week at Werkplaats Typografie. Every participant presents a documentary (DOC) that connects to their interests, and brings an additional element (&) as a way to interpret/talk about/watch the movie. Each DOC& screening is in turn documented and presented.
WT / ISIA Urbino Summer School 2017
Since 2009 the Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA Urbino, Italy, join together to offer an international Summer School in the beautiful Renaissance town of Urbino. Each year a different theme is explored by participants who gather together for two weeks under the guidance of Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA tutors.
Curating the Library
Curating the Library is one of the platforms within Werkplaats Typografie that encourages participants to share their interests and references.
A four-day workshop exploring translation in its various forms using graphic design as an approach rather than an outcome.
WT Papier
WT Papier, founded in September 2016, is the Paper-Repro office of the Werkplaats Typografie family.
WT Perambulating Bookshop
The contribution to the 2016 LA Art Book Fair was a road trip through Texas and California which took us the long way round to Los Angeles. Along this route we stopped at various bookshops, galleries, libraries and other places in between where we set up our traveling bookshop using our specially designed set of modular piece consisting of shelves and sitting structures. This to be able to sell outside and swap our books with local shops and visitors. The books we bought along the way then became the inventory of the bookshop we presented at the Art Book Fair. We flew to Houston, Texas, and drove from there stopping along the way in Austin, San Antonio, Marfa, Big Bend, El Paso, White Sands, Phoenix, Quartzite, Slab City, Salton Sea, Joshua Tree and Los Angeles.
WT / ISIA Urbino Summer School 2016
Since 2009 the Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA Urbino, Italy, join together to offer an international Summer School in the beautiful Renaissance town of Urbino. Each year a different theme is explored by participants who gather together for two weeks under the guidance of Werkplaats Typografie and ISIA tutors.
End of the Year Show at Radio Kootwijk, 25 June 2016
A one-day-only-event in Radio Kootwijk (52°10′35″N 5°49′57″E), an impressive building from 1918 in the middle of heather-, forest, and sand hill-rich territory used for radio transmittance in the 20th century between the Netherlands and its then colony of Dutch East Indies. It is only open for the public a few moments a year and on special request. The WT graduation show was centralised around a live program, where each participant had 20 minutes of air time to broadcast (inter)nationally. Next to these transmitted works each room of the facility contained physical works made by Years 16 & 17.
Alexander Tanazefti (1994, GB/AU)
Andreea Peterfi (1991, RO)
Callum Dean (1996, GB)
Egle Petraškaitė (1992, LT)
Emily Turner (1990, US)
Jiahui Feng (1996, CN)
Leon Lukas Plum (1996, DE)
Lydienne Albertoe (1992, CW/NL)
Marcus Wachter (1992, DE)
Mariavittoria Campodonico (1996, IT)
Nina Schouten (1992, NL)
Tanat Teeradakorn (1991, TH)
Tjobo Kho (1993, NL)
Wooseok Jang (1982, KR)
Yan Zhihan (1995, CN)
Yunie Chae (1994, KR)
Darío Dezfuli (1989, ES)
Frédérique Gagnon (1985, CA)
Gerardo Madera (1990, US)
Hannah Sakai (1994, AT/JP)
Jannete Mark (1991, RU)
Maria Smit (1987, AU/NL)
Michelle Lin (1991, US)
Michiel Terpelle (1990, NL)
Miron Galić (1990, BA/NL)
Nicha Keeratiphanthawong (1989, TH)
Tabea Nixdorff (1986, DE)
Andrea Salerno (1989, IT)
Austin Redman (1989, US)
Loes Claessens (1989, NL)
Mariana Lobão (1991, PT)
Mirjam Reili (1990, EE)
Moriz Oberberger (1987, IT)
Rebecca Metzger (1991, DE)
Sangah Shin (1989, KR)
Sarah Cleeremans (1991, BE/US)
Simona Koutná (1994, CZ)
Susan van Veen (1989, NL)
Dorothee Dähler (1989, CH)
Line-Gry Hørup (1988, DK)
Malin Gewinner (1987, DE)
Melina Wilson (1990, CH)
Yeliz Secerli (1989, TR)
Luca Napoli (1989, ITA)
Charlotte Taillet (1989, FR)
Eloise Harris (1991, GB)
Jin Kwang Kim (1982, KR)
Joel Colover (1989, GB)
Maria Mitcheva (1990, BG)
Robert Milne (1987, AU)
Meg Forsyth (1984, US)
Olya Domoradova (1986, RU)
Sarah Käsmayr (1987, DE)
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Werkplaats Typografie
Agnietenplaats 2
6822 JD Arnhem
The Netherlands
t. +31 (0)26 - 3535774

The Werkplaats Typografie (WT), part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a two-year graphic design masters programme founded in 1998 by Karel Martens and Wigger Bierma. The WT is centered on assignments and self-initiated projects with lectures, seminars, meetings and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and research.

Participants work in a studio which is accessible 24 hours a day. Werkplaats Typografie is run by graphic designer Armand Mevis and educator Anniek Brattinga. Regular teaching staff includes Danny van den Dungen (Experimental Jetset), Constant Dullaart, Paul Elliman, Angie Keefer and Maxine Kopsa. Linda Wolsing and Robert Milne assist in the general co-ordination of the WT.

Guests are regularly invited to visit the WT to review work, give presentations or supervise workshops. The WT is often invited to take part in national and international festivals, events or site specific projects. Part of the WT programme is reserved for collaborating with external clients.

The WT programme stimulates and practises critical reflection on the basis of a broad cultural perspective, with theory playing a supporting yet essential role. Participants engage in research in and through arts, involving content and form, text and image, theory and practice, in relation to professional practice and supervised by leading designers.

Alongside individually driven and more theoretical research, participants work on real assignments for external clients. The WT programme roughly consists of three components: 1) Presentations, individual and group critiques, workshops; 2) Practical assignments and self-initiated projects and 3) theoretical orientation in the form of research, excursions and a thesis. Assignments can be instigated by the Werkplaats Typografie, external clients, or by the participants themselves.
Various outcomes of these can be found in the WTShop.


Applications to the WT can be sent any time of the year as a PDF format by file sharing or email to

Deadline 12 February, 2021.

Download PDF


Year 16

Year 15

  • Amir Avraham (1984, IL)
  • Fay Kolokytha (1990, GR)
  • Fred Cave (1985, GB)
  • Ivan Martinez Lopez (1981, MX)
  • Jungmyung Lee (1984, KR)
  • Linda Dostálková (1977, CZ)
  • Maria Jimena Sanchez Zambrano (1984, CO)
  • Virginie Gauthier (1991, FR)
  • Yana Foqué (1986, BE)

Year 14

  • Bardhi Haliti (1985, XK)
  • Christine Pogatchnik (1988, US)
  • Daniel Frota (1988, BR)
  • Daria Kiseleva (1989, RU)
  • Laura Pappa (1988, EE)
  • Lotte Schröder (1988, NL)
  • Mathew Kneebone (1982, AU)
  • Melissa Pilon (1987, CA)
  • Menelaos Kouroudis (1989, GR)

Year 13

  • Bosco Hernandez (1979, MX)
  • Christof Nüssli (1986, CH)
  • Erica Preli (1983, IT)
  • Ilke Gers (1981, NZ)
  • Mathew Whittington (1987, GB)
  • Niko Mihaljevic (1985, HR)
  • Rutger de Vries (1987, NL)
  • Valentijn Goethals (1987, BE)
  • Yin Yin Wong (1988, NL)

Year 12

  • Corina Neuenschwander (1980, CH)
  • Ine Meganck (1988, BE)
  • Laure Giletti (1986, FR)
  • Manuel Zenner (1988, FR)
  • Mark Simmonds (1987, GB)
  • Noah Venezia (1984, US)
  • Patricia Walkers (1984, CA)
  • Stefano Faoro (1984, IT)

Year 11

  • Anna Haas (1982, CH)
  • Annett Höland (1985, DE)
  • Boris Van den Eynden (1984, BE)
  • Goda Budvytyte (1985, LT)
  • Grégory Dapra (1985, BE)
  • Ines Cox (1987, BE)
  • Isabelle Vaverka (1985, DE)
  • Lidia Wilkosz (1981, PL)
  • Lu Liang (1983, CN)
  • Simone Koller (1980, CH)

Year 10

  • Astrid Seme (1985, AT)
  • Dries Wiewauters (1986, BE)
  • Hyo-Jung Kwon (1983, KR)
  • Joris van Aken (1986, BE)
  • Julie van Severen (1982, BE)
  • Marc Hollenstein (1980, CH)
  • Stephen Serrato (1979, US)

Year 09

  • Alex DeArmond (1972, US)
  • Cecilia Costa (1976, BR)
  • Jaan Evart (1981, EE)
  • Jeremy Jansen (1980, NL)
  • Julie Peeters (1983, BE)
  • Marco Balesteros (1978, PT)

Year 08

  • Boy Vereecken (1982, BE)
  • Joris Kritis (1983, BE)
  • Karl Nawrot (1976, FR)
  • Scott Ponik (1977, USA)
  • Velina Stoykova (1978, BG)
  • Young-na Kim (1979, KR)

Year 07

  • Aya Nakata (1982, JP)
  • David Bennewith (1977, NZ)
  • Enrico Bravi (1975, IT)
  • Francesca Grassi (1979, IT)
  • Guillaume Mojon (1984, CH)
  • Kasia Korczak (1976, PL)
  • Sandra Kassenaar (1982, NL)

Year 06

  • Darcy D Jeffs (1979, US)
  • Jeff Ramsey (1974, US)
  • Karen Willey (1981, BE)
  • Layla Tweedie-Cullen (1977, NZ)
  • Louise Dossing (1975, DK)
  • Susanne Stetzer (1972, DE)
  • Toshi Kimura (1978, JP)

Year 05

  • Chantal Hendriksen (1978, NL)
  • Felix Weigand (1975, DE)
  • Karen van de Kraats (1980, NL)
  • Marie Proyart (1979, FR)
  • Sven Herzog (1976, DE)

Year 04

  • Janna Meeus (1980, NL)
  • Joana Katte (1974, DE)
  • Louis Lüthi (1980, CH)
  • Marijke Cobbenhagen (1978, NL)
  • Radim Pesko (1976, CZ)
  • Willi Schmid (1963, AT)

Year 03

  • Corina Cotorobai (1975, MD)
  • Hans Gremmen (1976, NL)
  • Mikhail Iliatov (1968, RU)
  • Nienke Terpsma (1968, NL)

Year 02

  • Alex McKeithen (1968, US)
  • Claudia Heere (1972, NL)
  • Connie Nijman (1973, NL)
  • Jaap Kroneman (1968, NL)
  • Maud Vande Veire (1978, BE)

Year 01

  • Daniel Gross (1973, DE)
  • Ingo Offermanns (1972, DE)
  • Niels van der Sluijs (1971, NL)

Year 00

  • Batia Suter (1967, CH)
  • Christine Alberts (1971, CH)
  • Jeroen Barendse (1973, NL)
  • Joris Maltha (1974, NL)
  • Patrick Coppens (1970, NL)
  • Stuart Bailey (1973, GB)


Year 2019–2020

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Ronja Andersen - Enrique Arriaga - As­trom / Zi­m­mer (Anthon Astrom, Lukas Zimmer, Fabrice Tereszkiewicz) - Nadja Baldini - Peter von Bartheld - Mirjam Bayerdörfer - Géraldine Beck - Ishita Chakraborty - CA Conrad - Maurice van Es - Roland Früh - Mariella Greil - Nicolás Jaar and The Shock Forest Group - Rana Hamadeh - Zaher Hashimi - Raphael Hefti - Lukas Hess - Annett Höland - Antony Hudek - Simone Koller - David Maljković - Iván Martínez - Ivana Meštrov - Republik Magazine (Tobias Peier and Marco Di Nardo) - Rietlanden Women's Office (Johanne Ehde, Elisabeth Rafstedt) - Christoph Schifferli - Delphine Chapuis Schmitz - Nishant Shah - Ivan Sterzinger - Jennifer Tee - Nienke Terpsma - Melina Wilson - Mara Züst

Year 2018–2019

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Clara Balaguer - Victoria Camblin - Mette Edvardsen - Tim Hollander - Angie Keefer - Prem Krishnamurthy - Vinca Kruk (Metahaven) - Hanne Lippard - Olivier Lebrun - Pierre Leguillon - Elizabeth Losh - Iván Martínez - John McDowall - Rasmus Nilausen - Ahmet Ögüt - Min Oh - Itziar Okariz - Margareta Osipian - Anders Rhedin - Michael Riedel - Marianna Simnett - Nienke Terpsma - Jonas Wandeler (Atlas Studio) - External critic: Egija Inzule

Year 2017–2018

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Kasper Andreasen - Bart de Baets - Maria Barnas - Julia Born - CA Conrad - Lutz Dammbeck - Roland Früh - Susan Gibb - Karl Holmqvist - Angie Keefer - Moritz Küng - Roland-Francois Lack - Jan Robert Leegte - Jonas Lund - Maureen Mooren - Matt Mullican - Olof Olsson - Leila Peacock - Francesc Ruiz - Georg Rutishauser/Edition Fink - Nishant Shah - Izet Sheshivari - Studio Noi (Simone Koller & Corina Neuenschwander) - Nienke Terpsma - Joëlle Tuerlinckx - Roger Willems - External critic: Jan Verwoert

Year 2016–2017

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Kasper Andreasen - Shannon Ebner - Uta Eisenreich - Ellen Feiss - Paul Gangloff - Marc Hollenstein - Simon Johnston - Gloria Kondrup - Joris Maltha - Stephen Serrato - Nishant Shah - External critics: Ola Vasiljeva - Marina Vishmidt

Year 2015–2016

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Danielle Aubert - Samira Ben Laloua - Lana Cavar - Natasha Chandani - Patrick Coppens - Valentina Desideri - Jason Dodge - Sam de Groot - Moritz Küng - Jonas Lund - Raimundas Malašauskas - Macha Roesink - Travess Smalley - Corazon del Sol - Jan van Toorn - Richard Vijgen - Barbara Visser - Robert Wilhite - External critics: Kasia Korczak (Slavs & Tatars) - Willem Oorebeek

Year 2014–2015

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Xavier Antin - Catalogtree - Marijke Cobbenhagen & Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen - Hans Gremmen - Bregtje van der Haak - Metahaven - Moniker - OK-RM - Pinar & Viola - Marie Proyart - Frédéric Teschner - Felix Weigand - Robert Wilhite - Dominique Hurth - Job Wouters - External critics: Maria Barnas - Emmet Byrne

Year 2013–2014

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Carlos Amorales - Cory Arcangel - Ricardo Basbaum - David Bennewith - Elizabeth Denlinger - Tim Hunkin - Angie Keefer - Armin Linke - Henk Schut - Sarah Tripp - Eleanor Vonne Brown - Arnisa Zeqo - External critics: Stuart Bailey - Pierre Bismuth

Year 2012–2013

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Lars Fischer - Geoff Han - Annick Kleizen - James Langdon - Jürg Lehni - John Morgan - Samuel Nyholm - Sophie Nys - Aaron Schuster - Lisette Smits - Matthew Stadler - Daniel van der Velden - Robert Wilhite - Cornel Windlin - External critics: Fiona Banner - Mike Sperlinger

Year 2011–2012

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Carlos Amorales - Bart de Baets - Scott Barry - Julia Born - Thomas Desmet - Patrick Gosatti - JOFF - Kobe Matthys - Marcel Meesters - Min & Sulki Choi - NORM (Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs) - Falke Pisano - Adam O'Reilly (Printed Matter NY) - Lisette Smits - Rustan Söderling - Noah Stolz - Jaap van Triest - Joëlle Tuerlinckx - External critics: Owen Hatherley - Elizabeth Price

Year 2010–2011

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Alan Abel - Mark Beasley - David Bennewith - AA Bronson - Tomas Celizna - Bob Corn - Wayne Daly - Trudy Dorrepaal - Paulus Driebholz - Hans Gremmen - Krist Gruijthuijsen - Sandra Kassenaar - San Keller - Emily King - James Langdon - Aude Lehmann - Maureen Mooren - Vincent de Rijk - Aaron Schuster - Jaap van Triest - Joëlle Tuerlinckx - Why Not Smile NY - External critics: Barbara Visser - Benjamin Thorel

Year 2009–2010

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Åbäke Design Studio - Joris van Aken- Andrew Blauvelt - Laurenz Brunner - Catalogtree (Daniel Gross & Joris Maltha) - Dexter Sinister (David Reinfurt & Stuart Bailey) - Experimental Jetset - Hans Gremmen - James Goggin - Will Holder - Richard Hollis - Marc Hollenstein - Hoon Kim - LA Raeven - Maureen Mooren - Kristina Lee Podesva - Michael Portnoy - Laurel Ptak - Wolfgang Weingart - Louwrien Wijers - External critic: Richard Hollis

Year 2008–2009

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Atelier de Création Graphique (Guillaume Graal / Pierre Bernard) - Bart de Baets - Irma Boom - Laurenz Brunner - James Goggin - LUST - Karl Nawrot - Maureen Mooren - Joshua Ploeg - Pierre di Sciullo - Leonardo Sonnoli - Tan Wälchli - External critic: AA Bronson

Year 2007–2008

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Julia Born - David Bennewith - Michaël Bussaer - Catalogtree (Daniel Gross & Joris Maltha) - Uta Eisenreich - Christophe Galfard - Sun Jae-Hyouk - Jaap Kroneman - Raimundas Malasauskas - Felix Weigand - External critics: NORM (Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs)

Year 2006–2007

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Stuart Bailey - Julia Born - Thomas Buxó - Elektrosmog (Marco Walser) - Uta Eisenreich - Fucking Good Art (Rob Hamelijnck & Nienke Terpsma) Christoph Keller - Robin Kinross - Martin Majoor - Roelof Mulder - Radim Peško - Emily Pethick - Jeff Ramsey - Alex Trüb - Roger Willems - External critic: Graphic Thought Facility (Andy Stevens)

Year 2005–2006

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Hans Aarsman - Jop van Bennekom - Stuart Bailey - Irma Boom - Chris Evans - Experimental Jetset - Goodwill - Felix Janssens - Christoph Keller- Harmen Liemburg - Joke Robaard - Roelof Mulder - Barbara Visser - Cornel Windlin - External critic: Lars Müller

Year 2004–2005

  • Workshop and studio visits by: Atelier de Creation Graphic / Pierre Bernard (Guillaume Grall) - Rik Bas Backer - Jop van Bennekom - Irma Boom - Julia Born - Natasha Chandani - Experimental Jetset - Eatock Limited (Daniel Eatock)


  • Maria Barnas, tutor (2016–2017)
  • Wigger Bierma, tutor (1998–2004)
  • Roland Früh, course coordinator (2011–2014)
  • James Goggin, head of program (2007–2008)
  • Bregtje van der Haak, tutor (2015–2017)
  • Karel Martens, associate professor (1998–2014)
  • Maureen Mooren, tutor (2011–2014)
  • Lisette Smits, head of program (2013–2014)